blackjack : the popular card game

card games are closely related to gambling games. these games have emerged to be the central attraction of the casinos and country clubs. blackjack is also a popular card game. the main objective of the game is to get the points your hand close to twenty one and not exceeding it. the game is really fascinating and requires dedication along with proper understanding to win it. the game is played in two versions that are in the casinos and in online websites. both the forms of the game are similar in rules and strategies with the only difference in card counting strategy.

blackjack was introduced in the casinos years back and allows a maximum of seven players. the initial step of starting the game is to place your bet. in case of casinos, generally chips are used as the denomination. you need to buy the chips from the cash counter before sitting at the blackjack table.

the cards are then dealt between the players. the value of the cards is 10 points. aces can be either 1 or 11 depending upon your situation in the game. other card values are determined by the number. the best winning combination is no doubt a ten or higher cards and an ace. this is a situation known as blackjack. when you add to the initial combination of cards, it is called a hit. when a player refuses to receive additional card, it is called a stand.

blackjack is an interesting game and easily approachable by amateurs.