Best Casino Bonuses

The Sign-up Bonus and Best Casino Bonus Most online casinos offer a sign-up bonus of about 200% on your first deposit which actually looks very attractive; but this often can't be termed as the best casino bonus. In case you are playing in a casino with a first deposit of $200, you will no doubt get an additional $400 in your account as a sign-up bonus; but you cannot in anyway withdraw this. There are certain wagering requirements you need to adhere to.

Estimation of Expected Loss While calculating Best Casino Bonus While playing games in a casino, you will probably lose out on each and every roulette spin, every craps roll or every blackjack hand that you go in for. This can be termed as your expected loss. Thus, a 5% advantage on a slot game would mean that you will lose about 5 cents per dollar, 5 dollars on 100 dollars, etc. This loss has to be correctly estimated if you want to actually get your best casino bonus.

Best Casino Bonus vs. Expected Loss After calculating the exact expected loss on your $400 sign-up bonus, you will actually find that you are losing about $200 because of the casino's edge. However, this means you still have a 100% bonus with you and this should be considered as positive expectation. This is exactly how you determine the best casino bonus.

Things you need to know about Best Casino Bonus Different games have different wager requirements and you need to keep this in mind, while estimating your best casino bonus. There are times when you keep winning money and there are also times when your losses are consistent, in which case an additional deposit may be required from your side. Understand these pitfalls and never put in your entire money on one casino.

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